Shitty Loss: Masshole Edition

I was all set to chalk this up as a non-shitty loss. Falling behind early, Beckett is a pretty good pitcher, Romero has trouble with the Red Sox, and, with the Jays having to go to the bullpen early and those guys being hit or miss, I figured that Boston would pile on a few more runs and make this a laugher.

Well, I have half-right, as the bullpen didn't do a very good job bailing out Romero, who's RoY chances look to be dwindling by the start.

Obviously, it was great to see homers from both Ruiz and Snider. If they can keep their Vegas mojo going maybe I won't have to make so many of these posts.

Do they have to make things so excruciatingly close, though? Seriously, 23 one-run losses on the season is insane and both Ruiz and Lind came within feet of hitting one out against Papelbon (God, do I hate that guy) and winning the game for the Jays and almost had me believing they would actually pull a win out of their collective asses.

I should probably know better by now.

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Ian H. said...

It would've been so good to light up Papelbon, especially in Toronto. At least the Blue Jays made it close, and it was great to see Snider and Ruiz hit HR's.