Hill & Lind

Because this season is circling the drain, let's take a look at some of the good that's come from it. For now, let's start with the team's top 2 sluggers, Aaron Hill and Adam Lind.

Hill's 28 home runs are good enough for a tie for 3rd in the AL, while Lind's 24 puts him in a tie for 8th. While some of their other stats might not stack up with other players in the top 10 (Hill's OBP is especially low), the fact that the team has two players who are on pace to hit over 30 home runs is so nice after last season's offensive nightmare, where the Jays needed 2 homers from Vernon Wells on the last day of the season just to have one player knock out 20.

As bad as things have looked in the past few months, imagine how much worse things would be without these 2 having break-out seasons. With the disappointing seasons that we've seen from Wells and the departed Alex Rios, the streakiness of Lyle Overbay, and that Kevin Millar has even seen 1 at-bat (let alone however many it's been now) out of the clean-up spot, the fact that we can consistently rely on those 2 guys to drive in runs has made this season seem at least little bit less shitty.

Not that I'll remember any of this when they're going to have their bad seasons that every Jay seems to have every few years, but, for now anyway, cheers to them.

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