Non-Shitty Win: Wild Pitch Edition

Well, I had a whole 'Shitty Loss' post written. I talked about how I resigned myself to a loss after Kapler's home run and how the Jays did their usual thing of getting the tying run on in the 8th before ultimately falling short. I wrote how it was nice to see another good start from Rzepczynski, how it didn't matter that Millar was the clean-up hitter because Kazmir was dealing, and how I was just glad that Snider isn't sitting against tough lefties right now.

Then, the 9th happened. I wondered what the point of pinch hitting with Barajas was and then he went deep. I then figured that I could just add a paragraph to the post I had already written about how that just delayed the inevitable and the Jays lost it in the 14th inning, or something.

And then JP Howell forgot how to throw strikes and did his best BJ Ryan impression. I guess it's fitting that the Jays didn't have to rely on a clutch hit from someone in order to win this one.

On a slightly pathetic note, however, I was a little upset that the Jays rallying for the win cost my fantasy team a win from Scott Kazmir. Yeah, I'll take the 10 strikeouts, but I could make the playoffs in this league and need anything I can get. The Jays aren't playing for anything, they could have helped me out this one time.

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