Another Shitty Loss

Well, I can't say that this one was any more of a nut punch than any of the other shitty losses this team has had in the past month or so. I guess they always sting a little more when Doc is on the mound, though. The first inning sucked, with A-Rod maybe being out when trying to get back into 2nd but being called safe and then a few bobbled balls that let him score (maybe Millar should have let Hill play that one). And then bringing the tying run to the plate in the 8th, but not having Overbay hit for Millar (although Millar had a decent at-bat, at least, before striking out [side note: was it just me, or did they Jays get caught looking a ton in this game?]). Wells's double was nice, but you can never really expect to come back against Rivera. Same thing with the 9th inning and getting the 2 guys on for Hill (I know we all had visions of a walk-off shot, but the guy's going to the Hall of Fame for a reason).

Again, the margin of defeat was razor thin (you have to go back to June 27 to find a game they've lost by more than 3 runs), enough to make me think the team just needs some minor tweaking on the offensive side to contend next year. I'm probably delusional, but what other choice has this team given me over the past 15 years?

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eyebleaf said...

Overbay should have fucking been in there; either for Millar, or Bautista.

Fucking Cito.