After dusting off the ol' VCR and popping in the '92 World Series video, I figured I'd do the same for the '93 video, as well (which contains Jim Hughson's great call that inspired the post title after the Jays clinched their third straight AL East title).

Like I said the other day, I remember more about that series than I do the 1992 one, but even then, the memories aren't exactly fresh in my mind.

Obviously, the Joe Carter home run is something I'll never forget. Sitting in my living room while my dad yelled louder than maybe any time I've ever heard him yell as the ball went over the wall has stuck with me for 16 years now and will hopefully stick with me for many more.

I think game 4 is where I really started paying attention (though I do remember the discussion about where Molitor would play and whether or not they'd sit Olerud). I remember Todd Stottlemyre's ill advised slide into 3rd base and my 10-year old self being pretty forgiving (of course he couldn't run the bases well, he wasn't used to it) before being told that if he couldn't run the bases well, he shouldn't try going from 1st to 3rd on a single. I don't remember what time I went to bed that night, but it being a school night, it was long before it was over. I just know that the next morning my dad woke me up and rushed me into the other room where there was a TV in time to see the end of the highlights and the score.

Game 5 also being on a school night, I wasn't able to stay up and watch the potential clincher, but that didn't matter in the end.

Game 6 was obviously the big one, and thanks to whoever it was that put almost the entire 9th inning online.

While watching the '92 video, it seemed to me that Tim McCarver seemed a little better as a colour analyst, at least compared to how he is now, and thought maybe, at one point, he had been half decent. Watching that 9th inning again, I guess I was wrong. That 9th inning also has that awesomely cheesy early-90s Coke video.

The video also highlights what a tremendous douchebag Curt Schilling is. I can understand being nervous, considering the situation, but for him to sit in the dugout, covering his ears and putting a towel over his head while Mitch Williams was pitching was such a prick move.

I also need to mention how awful the turf in Philly looked. It being football season, you can see the outline of the gridiron stretch across the whole playing field. While I may be a bit upset that the place of the Jays' first championship victory no longer exists, I don't think too many people feel the same way about the Vet.

The credits of the video roll over the TV call of the Carter home run, as well as both the home and away radio calls. While the Tom Cheek call is probably the most beloved call about Blue Jays fans (and deservedly so), Sean McDonough's call on CBS is what I always associate with it, probably because that's the call I heard as it was happening. Also interesting is Harry Kalas's call for Phillies radio. I would love to hear Vin Scully's call on the national radio feed, as well, but sadly it's not included here.

I think this video is done better than the '92 one. The segment on game 4 is great, as there is very little narration and instead lets the play-by-play from the TV broadcast tell most of the story. Also, it seems there is less Tim McCarver, which is always a bonus.

Again, it's always great to go back and take a look at why I fell in love with this team and allow myself to be put through the wringer by them every year since then.


eyebleaf said...

After this, I'm def. going to watch these again.

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