Memories of '92

In honour of the Back2Back weekend, I popped in the 1992 World Series video, mostly just to remind me why I like this game and why I'm putting myself through the torture that this season has been since late May.

While I wasn't old enough to appreciate that something special was happening, watching the video still brought back a ton of memories. As I mentioned in the comments of eyebleaf's post, about the only thing I remembered from the video itself was the narrator saying that guys like Ed Sprague and Derek Bell didn't "ride the benches, they worked the trenches", I hadn't realized that had played such a big role in the success of the team. Bell's reaction after Sprague's 9th inning home run is great, I think he's more proud of his trenchmate than he is happy that the team's probably going to win the game.

It's also a little depressing to me that the ballpark where the Jays won their first World Series is now a parking lot. I'm sure Turner Field is a much nicer place than old Fulton County Stadium, but I love watching Dave Winfield's double go down into the corner and bounce off of the bullpen mound and Ron Gant slip on the weird, chalky warning track they had there.

I'll probably pop in the '93 video sometime soon, too. I remember more of that series, even though I still wasn't old enough to appreciate how truly special winning 2 straight championships was. I just hope I don't have to wait another 16 years for the team to get close again.

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eyebleaf said...

The next time we have character guys who pull shit like that, like TRENCHES, we'll win.

I look forward to it.