I'm really dreading today's doubleheader.

Not because I think the Jays will lose (or, maybe they'll piss me off and win again), but because I know I'll end up watching almost all of both games. Not that I've got much better to do today. And now that CBC doesn't show the Simpsons at 5 for the first time since the mid '90s, my whole afternoon television viewing schedule is way out of whack. But I'll sit down (and lie down, too, at some point) and spend 6+ hours watching a baseball team going nowhere try and destroy another team's already weak post-season chances.

I contemplated getting a Shitty Loss post ready during the late innings of last night's game. When Barajas went deep to make it 11-0, Jamie Campbell commented that it might be the nail in the coffin (or something other cliche to signify that he thought the Rangers were toast). I thought to myself, 'It'd better be', but I'm not going to lie, as soon as the Rangers put their first few runs on the board, I had visions of the Jays blowing it. With Texas slowly chipping away at the lead, I pretty much expected this one to go down in team history, with TV announcers bringing it up as a "don't forget..." in the future every time the team put itself way out in front of their opponent. Scott Downs, thankfully, shut things down in the 8th and then Adam Lind did his thing, so Lind's 8 RBIs will be the anecdote that future TV and radio announcers use from this game as opposed to an epic chokejob.

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