Players to Trade

Even my incurable optimism isn't enough to let me believe the Jays have any shot at doing anything this year. I hate seeing the team listed in the 'Seller' section of any trade deadline article, but reality is that's what they are, so I guess it doesn't hurt to take a look at what tradeable parts they have.

Marco Scutaro

The lead-off man is in the middle of a career season, even though his power has dropped off from the unsustainable April he enjoyed. He's WAY ahead of his career norms in basically every stat and, even though he has 'fluke' written all over him, hasn't really seemed to be slowing down (aside from the aforementioned home run pace he set early on) despite what you'd expect from the increase in playing time. I guess, when deciding on whether or not to deal him, JP's going to have to weigh what he'll be offered versus what he thinks the draft picks the team will get as compensation. I know this line of thinking backfired last year with Burnett, but the caliber of players and prospects that would be offered for Scutaro aren't likely to match up to the quality of offers he likely received for AJ.

Scott Rolen

He's still under contract next season at $11 million, so you'd have to wonder if any trade would involve paying a portion of that. Based on what I've heard, it would probably take something overwhelming for the Jays to part with their third baseman, although I guess the Red Sox are interested.

Alex Rios

Despite looking at what might be his worst season since '05, he still has some value. His defense and speed are still top notch, and obviously, the talent to hit 25+ home runs is in there somewhere. His contract is still pretty manageable, too, despite what some might say, but it might hinder any return the Jays could wish to get unless they're willing to pay some of it.


I'd like to think that Scott Downs isn't going anywhere, but he'd obviously get the best return, especially if there's a team out there desperate for a lefty set-up guy. Apparently there's interest in Jason Frasor, who's been pretty awesome this season apart from a few hiccups here and there. I don't know how much value guys like Carlson, League, or Accardo might have, but there are always teams looking to shore up their 'pens.

The only other players that I could see having value are guys untouchable (Hill, Lind, Romero) or untradeable (Wells).

I'm pretty sure I've covered everyone who could possibly be on their way out of Toronto, but I still feel like I'm forgetting somebody...

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